"My child attended preschool at St Paul Christian for two years prior to attending Kindergarten.
It was a wonderful experience. I was very impressed by the teachers and staff.
They displayed a great balance between being both a nurturing environment and also teaching structure and appropriate boundaries that are necessary before entering school.
They made learning fun and she loved coming every day!
She was given individual attention on things she struggled learning and at parent-teacher conferences I was always surprised just how well they knew my child.
My child was readily prepared to enter kindergarten academically. She could identify and write all of her letters and had started reading some sight-words.
Kindergarten curriculum is far tougher than I had expected.
She was reading before the year ended so I was very grateful for the good start she received at St Paul Christian preschool, I highly recommend it.
It has small class sizes, sweet children that are encouraged to be kind to one-another, and highly competent staff with spot-on curriculum."
       Jacqui Schlund      

           St. Paul's Christian Preschool has always surpassed our expectations in preparing our children for Kindergarten. St. Paul's has helped our children grow both academically and socially. The staff makes every effort to get to know not only the children but their entire families. They are honest about your child's academic and social performance so that when parents can be confident in making the decision of when to send their child to Kindergarten. Our kids loved Mrs. Ouderkirk and Mrs. Edwards and our oldest child still loves to tell stories about his time at St. Paul's even though he is now in 2nd Grade.

Amanda Groff

  I love the school. My son enjoyed going everyday and was upset when he missed a day.
   The staff is extremely caring and friendly.
              I feel that the school is a safe and nurturing environment for kids to learn             
  Angela Wiegart

I feel that everyone to know how impressed I am as a pre-school parent at St. Paul’s Christian Preschool.
I enjoy my child coming home and telling me all about his bible stories, activity pages, and what great teachers and friends he has.
 I am very happy with his teachers Miss Edwards and Miss Pickler.
They have been absolutely amazing when it comes to the education of my child.
I feel as though we are a part of a big family.
They are always looking out for my child and care about his education and relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior.
 My son enjoys every day that he attends preschool, not only because he has great friends,
but because he loves to learn about Jesus and his letters, numbers, and colors.
I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for the curriculum at St. Paul’s Christian Preschool.
 I am a firm believer in allowing our Lord to be in the classroom with our little growing minds.
Thank you St. Paul’s for all you do for my child and family. 
-Dee Dixson-

I am so pleased that we chose St. Pauls Christian Preschool for both of our sons’ preschool experience. We are fortunate to have such an excellent organization for our children right here in our Grand Island community. They have provided a fun, safe and educational setting which has well prepared our children for Kindergarten. The teachers and staff have excellent rapport with the children in their classrooms, as well as the parents. They are very caring and nurturing with the children, and always open and available for communication with parents. In additional to the exceptional learning and activities they provide in the classroom, they also arrange several special age-appropriate offsite events and field trips. I value their extremely organized, welcoming and Christian environment, and I feel blessed that our children were able to be members of St. Pauls Christian Preschool.

Carrie Keene

Sending my son to St. Paul's was always my first choice.  I had the privilege of working with the preschool through my line of work (I am a School Psychologist with GIPS), and quickly realized how wonderful the program was and continues to be.  They are willing to do anything for their students, and care for them as if they are their own.  My son has fallen in love with writing and learning.  He will be attending kindergarten in the fall, and I have no doubt he will be thoroughly prepared.  Mrs. Edwards allowed for individualized learning and made sure my son was making the progress he needed to based on his level of development.  They are provided with structure and a fun learning environment.  Not only did my son learn educationally appropriate material, but learned about Bible stories to help develop his faith.  St. Paul's is a great program, and I highly recommend it!

Abby Huber
School Psychologist, Ed.S.
Central Nebraska Support Service Program (CNSSP)
Early Learning Center

    "Last year was our son's first year of Pre-School at St.Paul's, his sister attended St. Paul's 7 years ago. She had a great experience during her time at St. Paul's, but the improvements since then were nothing short of amazing. We could not have been more impressed by the combination of stucture, discipline, education, and fun provided by Kristine Edwards.

It was refreshing to hear our son be excited on days that he had "school", and to see him eagerly scramble out the door each morning when he was dropped off. The kids have time to be kids, but make no mistake, Mrs. Edwards is a serious educator. We were blown away by the meticulous assessment and progress report we were given at each conference. There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that St. Paul's has each child's best interest at heart, and we don't regret for one moment our decision to place our son's development in their hands."


Aaron Semm